Agile Management,
for everyone

Accelerate your company’s agile and digital transformation

Rally every business manager around a unified, real-time sales performance agile management system. A 360° view to decide faster and smarter.

User Centric

Designed around the user

Full Context

Explains sales fluctuations


Make collaboration frictionless

On & Offline

Analyzes and optimizes the customer journey

AI Inside

Summarizes, predicts, informs


Ensures data integrity

Act Now

Take action and steer your results

It’s always about the user

Alphalyr users read on average 95% of their reports. This is because we create them through an obsessive, “Design Thinking” approach. It takes just one minute for managers to get oriented and take action.

Every morning, each manager — whether national, regional, in store, e-commerce, web traffic, etc. — receives a concise, personalized, and easy-to-read report. No crossing or merging multiple reports on a spreadsheet — Alphalyr takes care of it all. Managers have just what they need to decide faster.

  • Ideal reporting for optimizing decisions-making
  • Constantly improved KPIs and visualizations
  • Intuitive, accessible reporting that managers want to read

Only the business context
you need

Alphalyr has developed specific applications required to provide all the context you need, including past performance, marketing calendars, sales targets, competitor campaigns, weather, etc. Managers no longer need to search their systems or bother their teams.

  • View your business calendar
  • Access your collective digital logbook
  • Visualize your competitors’ campaigns
  • Understand weather influences
  • Display full range of objectives

Collaborate in real time

Managers spend time in meetings, calls or emails trying to make sense of their numbers. They often suffer from a mass of conflicting information because Business Intelligence platforms cannot keep up with the increasing number of digital sources and volume of data.

Alphalyr saves them from the data deluge by getting straight to the point. The cloud-based platform merges all online and offline sources with their context in real-time, making them consistent, accessible and easy to read.

Because numbers are put in their context, real collaboration finally starts around what matters: opportunities.

  • Manage unstructured data, such as your business calendar or digital logbook
  • Access third party data (exchange rates, competitors’ campaigns, weather, calendar events, etc.)
  • Integrate Alphalyr with any enterprise BI platform

Unlocking the customer journey

It’s a fact — digital drives both on and offline sales daily. With Alphalyr’s Marketing Measurement application, analyze and track all campaigns, qualified traffic and acquisition costs anytime. Understand the behavior of buying tunnels and the role of each touch point.

No more time wasted wrangling, cleansing, deduplicating, or geolocating disparate data and assigning conversions by hand. Receive only the essential KPIs for measuring and optimizing the customer journey.


We put AI to work for you

Figuring out which data to focus on and identifying trends often requires tedious, manual analysis.

Alphalyr’s AI engine monitors and ranks thousands of data points and manages priorities. Information is summarized and managers are automatically informed when significantly abnormal trends occur.

Alphalyr’s predictive module makes sure your sales forecasts are always up to date. Adjusting your marketing spend to stay on track becomes a snap.

Leverage reliable digital data

Getting the most out of your digital data requires continuously processing multiple disparate sources of data. Alphalyr enables constant monitoring of data integrity and corrects errors at the source.

At a glance, managers know the reliability of their KPIs.

  • Score and monitor multiple data sources
  • Detect and correct errors in data streams
  • Track quality trends
  • Ability to provide clean, normalized digital data to third-party systems



Use context to act


Everything to optimize your marketing spend

Alternative traffic management solutions are not designed to provide real-time analysis of data while taking multiple sources into consideration.

Alphalyr provides a comprehensive traffic management environment to track customer journeys and manage touch points.

Everything is included to optimize your marketing spend simultaneously and in real time.


  • Tag management
  • Deduplication and multi-touch attribution
  • Credit conversions
  • Fraud detection and suppression

Clean, certified Google Analytics data

Google Analytics plays a key role in data collection. Unfortunately, it’s always configured one step behind your website and your campaigns, which often makes the data collected unusable.

Alphalyr provides regular audits under the supervision of an Alphalyr consultant. We examine the structure of your Google Analytics account and ensure it matches what's really happening on your sites. We review the data collection and soundness of your tagging plan.


  • Score the reliability of your KPIs (traffic, conversion)
  • Track scoring over time to uncover regressions
  • Centralize analytics resources and campaign naming conventions
  • Receive support solving any problem impacting data quality
  • Easy access from your Alphalyr reports

We’re at your side

If most solutions fail, it is because they are not really tailored to users’ needs. At Alphalyr, we put the users front and center of every project.

We can audit your decision-making processes and identify areas for improvement. We can help design custom reports and create specific dashboards. We can also make impact assessments and help you on the road to continuous improvement.

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