“”Alphalyr gives us a clearer view of our data: we have confidence in our data and have all the data needed to measure the impact of our actions”


Marion Chabrand,
Traffic Manager,


adopt a ROIst vision of our acquisition levers.


segmented traffic, consistent campaign tracking and reliable data.


⅓ of the time is saved in data collection
99% of the traffic is catergorized


A leader in online pharmacy, Powersanté optimizes its marketing investments thanks to a reliable measurement of its digital performance.

To become a leader in online pharmacy

Launched in 2009, the e-commerce site of the Rochet Group is a key player within online pharmacies. Their website offers more than 10,000 products at a reduced price. The Rochet Group also owns the Boticinal brand that specializes in health, beauty, and well-being. This network includes a dozen pharmacies including the largest in France, the RER de la Defense in Puteaux. In 2017, data management became a strategic option to face the competition.

A realistic vision of online performances

In the past, Powersanté’s digital teams faced significant inconsistencies between their provider platforms and Google Analytics reports. Differences between sales volume on affiliate platforms and Google Analytics could exceed 70%. Their teams did not trust their data, tools and providers. They could not explain the differences. Nearly 10% of webmarketing campaigns had tracking problems (no tracking, badly tracked items or incorrect data) which distorted the statistics. Parameter definitions were time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, 44% of the traffic was not categorized in the correct acquisition channel. Extractions and reprocessing were necessary to compare the statistics of the marketing levers. Without an arbitrage tool, Powersanté was having difficulty managing its acquisition strategy. Their plans of action were based primarily on their intuitions and experiences.

In this context of lack of measurement, it is difficult to implement a ROIst approach to marketing investments. The teams cannot question the results announced by the providers: the same transaction was invoiced by several providers! Optimizing e-marketing costs was impossible.

A reliable solution for decision making

With Alphalyr, Powersanté redesigns all Google Analytics tracking and sets the prerequisites for launching an attribution project. Indeed, the differences between the sources are explained by taking into account the tracking method and attribution models used.

The tracking of each campaign is audited and rules of nomenclature are defined to facilitate comparison between campaigns. In two clicks the parameters of a new campaign are validated. The traffic sources are correctly distributed between the acquisition channels specific to Powersanté: less than 0.1% of the traffic that is not categorized remains. The performance comparison is done directly in the interface of the tool. A tag management solution centralizes tag management and simplifies data collection. This solution saves 1/3 of the collection time. The Smartscan solution immediately detects tracking issues and continuously monitors data quality. In parallel with these corrective actions, the parameterization of the tools is adapted to the needs of Powersanté.

Today, Powersanté’s teams have a neutral internal tool that allows them to challenge their service providers and renegotiate budgets. They can follow the conversion paths, understand the roles of each lever and measure the impact of their actions online. Action plans are now based on reliable data and are simpler to define.

In addition, Powersanté leverages the full potential of Google Analytics and its reporting capabilities, controlling acquisition costs in a logical ROIst. The decision process is simplified and made more reliable.

“The data coaching sessions provided by Alphalyr’s analytics consultants allowed us to better understand the analysis of data on Google Analytics and thus better guide decisions related to our marketing policy.”

Powersanté has reached a very advanced level of maturity on attribution issues, and has also decided to take the next step by equipping the Elitrack module to make real-time multi-touch allocation / deduplication.