“Alphalyr has simplified and strengthened our decision making processes. Communication with my peers is much more effective. We’re now using our data to drive our business instead of spending our time trying to make our data usable.”


Patrycja Mothon,
Head of e-commerce,


Adopt a more agile, ROI oriented-approach to digital marketing spend.


Alphalyr unifies reporting processes across dozens of marketing solutions and multiple web analytics platforms.


Pandora has accelerated, simplified, and strengthened its day-to-day decision-making processes.


Pandora Achieves a 360° Marketing and Sales Cockpit with Alphalyr

Leading jewelry brand optimizes its decision-making based on a 360° view of its cross-channel marketing and sales performance.

Becoming the World’s Favorite Jewelry Brand

Founded in 1982 in Denmark, Pandora is on fast track to becoming the world’s best-loved jewelry brand. Pandora is renowned for its customizable jewelry and for offering quality, hand-finished pieces combined with contemporary design at affordable prices.

The brand is present internationally in over 100 countries and 8,000 points of sale — 2,100 of which are its own concept stores. Today, Pandora is the world’s third largest jewelry company with annual sales of 2.7Bn Euros.

Marketing Leads the Cross-Channel Sales Charge

Pandora is growing fast and pursuing its international expansion. It has been developing online sales since 2012 and today is focused on unifying its physical and online businesses.

Pandora runs a very sophisticated digital marketing operation to drive traffic and sales both online and in-store. At any given time, it can be running multiple types of campaigns across upwards of 15 platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It also leverages a large customer database for its outbound communications via email and SMS.

“We have a very ROI-driven attitude to our marketing spend,” says Patrycja Mothon, Head of Digital Marketing, France. “We need to support our sales targets and, of course, stay within our budget.”

Real-Time, Unified Reporting to Support Sales Performance

In the past, with multiple sources of data, Pandora was unable to achieve the unified view it required. Some data sources were available directly, others only the next day after a batch process. The figures from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Qlikview were all contradicting each other. It took a regular team effort every Monday morning to analyze the discrepancies and to compile these reports in a digestible format in time for the weekly management meeting.

The result was a simple time-series of KPIs. It was difficult to view trends, to compare like-for-like, or to understand what events impacted the results. Because of the discrepancy issues, the Finance department, in particular, did not trust it.

Today, Alphalyr has automated and improved Pandora’s data collection, preparation and analysis processes. The system automatically recovers the latest data it needs from the e-commerce platform (Salesforce), point-of-sale system, web analytics and marketing solutions. Alphalyr’s artificial intelligence engine processes the data and compiles a series of personalized dashboards that it sends out by email at the start of each day.

A Trusted Decision-Making Solution

Pandora has replaced its weekly, manually-compiled report, with an automated version that is tailored by role. It has saved a half-day of effort for the marketing team and has gained improvements that would cost an estimated extra two whole days to achieve by hand. Importantly, it is now available in time for for the start of each business day.

“Alphalyr has simplified and strengthened our decision making processes,” says Patrycja Mothon. “Implementation was astonishingly easy and fast. The data now comes to us and not the other way round. The reports are clearer and more reliable and have been adopted by the whole management team. Communication with my peers is much more effective. We’re now using our data to drive our business instead of spending our time trying to make our data usable.”

The marketing team can see at a glance if they are on track to hit sales targets or not and thus adjust their campaigns as a consequence. It is now possible to compare like-for-like to view trends without seeing the effects of seasonality.

The reports now have much greater explanatory power because they are matched with a calendar of marketing campaigns and retail promotions and weather data.

“Alphalyr is now part of my morning ritual. It’s the first email I read over breakfast!” says Patrycja Mothon.