“We are in the business of fast fashion and fast growth. Alphalyr enables us to be more productive and manage our conversion funnels faster and more reliably than ever before.”


Flavien d’Audiffret,
Digital & CRM Director,
SMCP (Sandro Maje Claudie Pierlot)


Harness digital and offline data across multiple brands and geos to drive decision-making and improve teamwork.


Alphalyr automatically streams varied data sources automatically and provides, uncluttered reports that match the decision-making cycle.


SMCP has a clear, benchmarked view of performance and is managing its conversion funnels faster and more reliably.


Fast Decision Making for Fast Fashion

Leading fashion group uses Alphalyr for an actionable view of web analytics and business data.

Spreading Parisian Chic Around the World

SMCP is a leading company in the global apparel and accessories market since 1984. The group operates three complimentary brands, Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot that each balance affordable luxury and the fast fashion business model.

Since 2010 the company has being growing 27% year on year and is pursuing a strategy of international expansion. Current annual revenue stands at approximately €1 billion, of which 10% is generated online. SMCP is present in 1400 points of sale in 37 countries across the world.

A Need to Make Web Analytics More Reliable, Actionable

SMCP was suffering from not being able to present clean, consolidated data from its multiple instances of Google Analytics, which were necessary to handle its multiple brands and international sites.

There were issues with the quality of the underlying data and it was difficult to combine web analytics data with accounting data and transactional data within Google Data Studio. Getting it all in a format that was usable by the management team was labor intensive and required one whole day at the level of each brand. Reports would typically be a week out of date by the time they were available.

Above all, there was too much data to make sense of — 50 pages of it each time! —  let along act on.

Taking Data to the Decision Makers

SMCP needed a radical solution to make sense of its data and make it actionable.

To be able to keep pace with its fast growth, having “rear-view mirror” or too many details was superfluous to requirements.

The solution was up and running in the space of several weeks only without having to build a Data Lake. Furthermore, Alphalyr was also able to advise SMCP based on its expertise in web analytics and digital data and provide tailored adjustments.

With Alphalyr, the data is automatically cleansed at the same time it is collected by its AI engine. The reports are less cluttered and they are proactively pushed out to the 20 members of the digital brand teams as they start their day. They can now see all their topline data in one place at a glance. The whole process is automated and there is no longer any doubts as to whether the data is reliable or not.

The brand teams can benchmark KPIs across brands and geos. They can also zoom in and investigate when an issue arises. For example, in recent memory sales started to falter in a particular region. However, the reason was an issue of stock availability. Previously, SMCP would not have been able to easily troubleshoot this in a web analytics environment because back office data was not correlated.

“We are in the business of fast fashion and fast growth,” says Flavien d’Audiffret, Digital & CRM Director at SMCP. “Alphalyr enables us to be more productive and manage our conversion funnels faster and more reliably than ever before.”

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